Travel Insurance


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Travelling Canadians

  • If you are travelling outside of Canada it is important to considerpurchasing Travel Insurance. This protection allows you to enjoy your vacation worry free. In the unfortunate occurrence that you need to seek medical assistance, you will not have to worry about the cost of medical bills. There are different plans available that will suit your travel needs.

Visitors to Canada

  • If you yourself are a visitor to Canada, or if you have family and friends visiting Canada be sure to consider purchasing Travel Insurance. Knowing that you or loved ones are traveling with Travel Insurance can provide a sense of relief, and allow you to focus on the important matters of your travel.


  • This type of Travel Insurance is designed for students, wherever they plan on travelling to study. This student travel insurance can apply to Canadian students who plan on studying in another province or territory located in Canada, as well as for those who plan on studying abroad. This Travel Insurance also applies for international students who plan on studying in Canada.

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